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Custom Paint Color Consultation

Paint is the easiest and the most economical way to transform any space! We'll work with your existing furnishings to create the perfect palette for your home during our in-home consultation! You will be provided a detailed report listing paint color, manufacturer, and finish for each space. Whether you use our painter or your own, you'll have all the necessary tools to complete this project!
Before you can schedule the Custom Paint Color Consultation, you must complete the "Aha! Moment Discovery Call".
How to Prepare for the Custom Paint Color Consultation:

  1. Purchase this package.
  2. Fill out the Paint Consult Questionnaire in the Questionnaire tab.
  3. Schedule the desired date and time of your consult.
  4. Gather some inspiration images for you and Cori to review together.
  5. Get excited!! We are looking forward to meeting you in-person and getting to know the space(s) we will be working on together!

What to Expect During the Appointment:

  • Cori will come out to your home for up to 90 minutes, and you can use this time to discuss the spaces that are at the top of your priority list.
  • Cori will work with your existing furnishings and/or inspiration images to advise on paint color, finishes and trades who may be able to tackle the painting if you aren't up for it!

What to Expect After the Appointment:

  • You will receive a detailed paint selection report including a room-by-room breakdown of color selection(s), manufacturer, and recommended sheen. You can easily take this to your local paint store or paint contractor to get started on your painting project right away!

Related packages