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Designer For A Day Consultation

Projects of any size can be overwhelming! Think about Cori as your "Designer Guardian Angel" - helping you make wise choices while avoiding costly mistakes. Our "Designer For a Day" services provide you with Cori's expert eyes, guidance and advice on your project for a select number of hours. This is the most flexible of all of our design packages and can encompass everything from helping you rearrange your own furniture at home to making those materials selections for your upcoming remodel project. We are here to help make the process easier! You can schedule an appointment to use all hours at once to accomplish a specific goal, or we can consult on an as-needed basis.
Before you can schedule the Designer for a Day Consultation, you must complete the "Aha! Moment Discovery Call" and the "In-Home Consultation".
How to Prepare for the Designer for a Day Consultation:

  1. Purchase this package.
  2. Fill out the Getting to Know You Questionnaire in the Questionnaire tab.
  3. Schedule the desired date and time of your consult.
  4. Gather some inspiration images for you and Cori to review together.
  5. Come prepared with measurements of your space and a working budget you would like to stick to.
  6. Get excited!! We are looking forward to meeting you in-person and getting to know the space(s) we will be working on together!

What to Expect During the Appointment:

  • Cori will come out to your home or design/furniture center, and you can use this time to discuss the spaces that are at the top of your priority list.
  • Cori will work with your existing furnishings and/or inspiration images to advise on furniture, finishes, materials, etc. to complete your project!
  • Come prepared to dig in and make selections for your space - we are here to ensure that you make the right choices the first time! Services in our 4-hour time block may include, but are not limited to: flooring options, floor or wall tiles, backsplash/grout recommendations, countertops and profile selections, cabinetry finish/color/style and hardware choices, lighting, paint colors for walls, ceiling & trim, plumbing fixtures such as faucets, sinks, tubs and shower controls, and furniture fabric selections.

What to Expect After the Appointment:

  • You will receive a recap of our time together including the materials and finishes we have selected.
  • You are responsible for specifying and confirming needed square footage amounts, measurements, etc. for materials selected.

Services are billed in 4 hour time blocks.  Pricing starts at $995 for 4 hours, plus the initial consultation meeting to discuss and determine your preferences and investment amount.

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